So, for about the last half a year I’d been staring up at a spot on my ceiling, as it shifted from a discolored patch, to clearly water-stained, and finally to glistening with moisture. I would just stare at the damp spot on the ceiling for minutes at a time, while I was supposed to be doing more productive things.

Now, I’m not exactly sure what I expected would happen when I finally took a ballpoint pen, and gave the spot a little poke, but I know what DID happen – dirty brown water poured down onto my carpet from the hole that began as a pen-prick, and ended up being about the size of a golf ball.

So I called Fairweather Roofing, and not only were they quick to come take a look at the problem, once they’d assessed it, it was only a day or two before I came home to find they’d already been there and fixed it. All for an incredibly reasonable amount. I’d recommend them to anyone who can’t resist poking water spots on their ceiling.

Nick P., Customer - West Hollywood, CA