Commercial Roofing

Fairweather Roofing Inc. is first and foremost a commercial roofing contractor and has evaluated, designed installed and maintained commercial roofing systems for over 30 years. In these trying economic times it is good to know that you can depend on Fairweather roofing to deliver the highest quality of service for a fair and honest price.

The roof on your commercial/industrial/office building is the primary barrier against the elements which is why it is so important to maintain a weather-tight roofing system to minimize disruption to your business or the business of your tenants. Fairweather Roofing will at no cost to you, evaluate the condition of your roof, provide a written report and design a roofing system or maintenance program that fits your needs and budget.

In 2005 the State of California implemented the Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Simply stated, this means that most commercial and some residential roofing systems are required to meet minimum standards of energy efficiency. Also known as “Cool Roofs” these energy efficient roofing systems use highly reflective and highly emissive roofing materials or coatings thus cooling down the ambient temperature of the interior of the structure and saving on energy costs.

Because there are many variables with this code it can at times become confusing as to the exact specifications required for your structure. Fairweather Roofing is familiar with these codes and will explain the exact requirements your structure will require.

There are many commercial roofing systems and membranes available. Fairweather Roofing is certified by most major manufacturer’s to install these commercial roofing systems. Commercial roofing membranes and roofing systems include:

  • Single Ply (TPO)
  • Single Ply (PVC)
  • Built Up “BUR” (Mineralized and aggregate finishes)
  • APP Modified Bitumen (Torch Applied)
  • Self-Adhered Systems (Mineralized finish)
  • Spray applied Roof Coatings (Elastomeric/Acrylic Coatings)